The Team

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Bri Probert

Kindergarten Teacher

After working and studying at Country Buddies Yarrawonga for the past 8 years, I have developed a strong passion for early childhood education. When the job opportunity arose at Wangaratta Country Buddies I was excited to transfer and apply my knowledge and experience to our new kindergarten setting. I believe in the importance of scaffolding children’s learning and development whilst nurturing their wellbeing, allowing children to guide their own learning through play. There is also an importance of extending on children’s strengths, abilities and interests and reflecting this in the program which ultimately creates an environment where children feel safe secure and supported. Building relationships with families and children is a priority as it assists us in developing a program that is consistent and flexible to every child’s individual needs. I appreciate and acknowledge that each child develops at their own unique pace this is why our program will be a visual learning journey, that demonstrates children’s learning and development with opportunities of growth to extend on their knowledge. Our program reflects the VEYLDF and its respective outcomes, principles and milestones. To prepare your child for school our kindergarten program implements a point of difference in our Jollyphonics program that introduces the beginning stages of emergent literacy skills. Country Buddies prides itself on its play-based approach to all aspects of the curriculum, planning and pedagogy. Country Buddies contributes and participates within the community, giving children lifelong skills with multiple incursions and excursions to expose children to different cultures and learning environments. We look forward to your enquiries and interest in our amazing service here at Country Buddies Wangaratta.

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