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Looking for the best care for your child can be a challenge, as finding an environment which is suited to your families needs and offers a service which is both nurturing and educating can often become overwhelming. Today more than ever families are constantly being asked to make difficult decisions about their children’s care and welfare. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” regime thus have created a family owned and operated service, looking out for the individual needs of families.

Country Buddies opened their first centre in January 2009 in Yarrawonga, Victoria.  It is a family owned, purpose built and operated Childcare Centre and Kindergarten. We are committed to providing the highest quality child care and an invaluable Kindergarten experience for your child to assist them with transition into school the following year.​

The Proprietor and Directors of each centre will manage and work closely with educators and families to acknowledge that all children are unique and have individual requirements which may mean incorporating their culture and family backgrounds, all of which are encouraged to be proud of and embraced.​

At Country Buddies we will endeavour to create as many opportunities as possible to allow your child to explore, create, dig, build, swing, touch, listen and watch.  Our philosophy is that children learn through play based experiences and should continually be encouraged to explore their individual talents, personalities, skills and interests.

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Making you feel welcome

We understand that for some children it may be their first experience away from home and family. Others may feel uncertain about starting a new experience in unfamiliar surroundings. As all children are unique, so too are their settling in patterns. Therefore we are happy to meet each child’s individual needs and provide stress free orientation strategies for everyone. Our orientation process makes the transition from home to Country Buddies as smooth as possible. During this time we explain how the day will generally run from the educational program to each routine and transition time.

It is also a perfect opportunity for educators to begin forming relationships with each child and their family by spending some one-on-one time with them. We also have an open door policy where new families can call in and visit whenever they like.

Why we're #1 in Wangaratta

Country Buddies Wangaratta provides an inclusive, allergy aware and high quality education and care service for all children.  
We are a big family, full of dedicated educators who strive to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease knowing your child is in the best possible care.
The dedicated educators at Country Buddies constantly build on children’s learning and development in all areas by ensuring they listen to the voice of both the child and family.   

What Wangaratta means to us

Being a small country town we instinctively have a love and pride of being part of the community. Country Buddies Wangaratta prides itself on the strong relationships and collaboration we have with different members of our community. We strive to offer our support and flexibility for families to ease their transition back into the workforce.
Being active within our community is important to us as we believe children need to learn at an early age the importance role each community member plays and how they can contribute to this. We have also formed strong relationships with the local schools, in particular the Prep Teachers which has lead to a smoother transition to school process for the Kinder children.


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